Terms & Conditions


The following TERMS OF USE set forth the terms and conditions governing the use of the website verne-shop.com


Seller – “MS STUDIO” Ltd, a company with a registered office at 7 Neofit Bosveli Street, Sofia, with a Unified Identification Code (UIC) 204154880

Website – The internet address verne-shop.com, and all accompanying applications, allowing customers access to the full product catalogue.

Visitor – every individual who has visited the website and has made use of its services and contents.

Customer – every visitor to the website, aged 18 or older who has listed a delivery and billing address on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

Customer profile – standard username and password credentials, selected by the visitor giving him/ her access to all products and services on the website as well as the option to interact and exchange information with the seller. 

Order – a request made by the Customer for the purchase of individually selected products and services available on the website. For the avoidance of doubt, only those requests made using a delivery address within the territory of Republic of Bulgaria are considered legitimate orders.

Distance contract – all orders made by the Customer for products and services on verne-shop.com. For the avoidance of any doubt, all orders are treated as separate contracts.

Services – the provision of any electronic services by the Website in order to present the Customer with the option to interact with the Seller and/ or to purchase products offered on the website.


Order delivery date – the date on which the order made by the customer is delivered to the selected address.

Basket – a virtual list comprised of all items selected for purchase by the Customer.

All prices listed on the website are in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) and are for one item/ pair of all available products.

The seller reserves the right to amend and update the current terms unilaterally and without first notifying the Customers of the changes. For the avoidance of doubt, by placing an order on the website, the Customer confirms that he/ she has read and accepts the Terms and Conditions valid for the date the order is placed.

The website uses official data provided by the manufacturer about the color range of the products listed on the website. The customer agrees that there might be a difference between the colors of the delivered products and the ones shown on the website. This might be due to the customer’s screen configuration and/ or individual visual color perceptions.

The website accepts orders made only by customers who provide a valid delivery address within the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. 


The Visitor/ Customer/ Buyer agrees that by providing any personal or other data to VERNE Hand made, he/she is consenting to the processing of this data by VERNE Hand made for the following purposes: (1) Customer account maintenance, including order history, order processing, delivery, invoicing, resolving disputes with the Customer, or handling Customer requests; (2) administering newsletters and other product related messages or recurrent e-mail and SMS notifications; (3) conducting market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer/buyer behavior.

The Visitor/ Customer/ Buyer agrees to provide VERNE Hand made with unlimited access to any materials and information in relation to website use and correspondence with the Seller, regardless of whether he/ she has made a purchase or any transaction on the website. VERNE Hand made is under no obligation to treat the received information as confidential, as long as it is not otherwise imputed by acting legislation.

By providing personal data to VERNE Hand made (including e-mail address), the Visitor/ Customer/ Buyer consents to be contacted by VERNE Hand made and/ or third parties such as couriers, traders, VERNE Hand made partners, marketing officers, governmental, municipal and non-governmental agencies, other companies with which VERNE Hand made might develop programs for the offerings of Goods and Services on the market, as well as insurance or financial services when required by the law, etc.

Product Orders


Ordering products from the Website can be made by using the “guest” option or as a registered user.

When ordering products from the Website, the Customer agrees to the General Terms of Use.

An automatic order confirmation email containing the order number is sent to the customer’s e-mail address.

Once logged in to his/ her profile, the customer can place an order of one or any number of products, by selecting the color, size and quantity for each of the desired products on the website. After the customer has made the selection, he/ she should add the products to the basket by clicking the “Add to basket” button. After all of the desired products have been added to the basket the customer should select a payment method and specify a delivery address within the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

In case of any changes in the price list of the products offered on the website, the Seller reserves the right to cancel any orders and is obliged to inform the Customer of the change in the price of the ordered product/s.

Despite the efforts of the brand and the website team to maintain up-to-date product availability, the Customer agrees that there might be differences between stock availability at the time of the order and stock availability after the order has been placed. In the event that one or more products in an order are out of stock, the Seller is obliged to inform the Customer via the means of communication provided in the customer’s account.  In such cases, the Customer may choose one of the following options:

            - cancelation of the products in the order which are out of stock followed by a confirmation (up to 10 calendar days) of the delivery of the rest of the order;

            - order cancelation;

The Customer agrees that saving the link to a specific product or adding it to “Favorites” does not guarantee the availability of the product.  Moreover, the Customer agrees that any out of stock items saved the ways listed above will be taken down from the Website and their status will be changed to “Inactive”.

In the event that a Customer places an order for a product with an “Inactive” status, the Seller has the right to automatically cancel the order. In such cases the Seller is obliged to inform the Customer by sending an automatic email to the email address listed in the Customer’s account. 

Every order made on the website is treated as a separate distance contract between the Buyer and the Seller. For the avoidance of doubt, the distance contract is treated as signed from the moment the order has been sent to the Seller.